Wretched. Outcasts. Borne without a parent, borne into strange lands of the Lower Planes with nothing but themselves to rely on, the tieflings are part human and part something else. That ‘something else’ is rarely one thing: the bloodlines that they come from are almost undeniably tinted with fiendish blood. Horns. Goat feet. Tails. Six fingers. Three eyes. Random deformities. A tiefling can look like anything, as long as that “anything” isn’t normal. While the aasimar are what most would consider the perfection of human form, the tieflings are the perversion of it. Mutants. Not one of them looks “normal”, rather, they are each an individual, both mentally and physically. The story that each tiefling could tell is sure to be one of mystery, intrigue, betrayal, and greed – and what makes it even more interesting is that it could all just be a lie. Tieflings lie frequently and lie when it suits them to do so. It is their fiendish nature peeking through, tapping them on the shoulders, not letting itself be forgotten.

Not all tieflings want this. Most hate it, seeing their fiendish blood something that makes them scorned, untrusted, and hated by normal people. They desire to prove themselves, to show the world that they’ve risen above the stereotype that it’s shown to them. They’ve survived on their own all their life, and they’re not going to turn to other people for help. They’re going to make a name for themselves in something, or they’re going to die trying.

Hit Points: A tiefling gains 1d6 hit points per level.

Weapon training: A tiefling is naturally skilled in the use of the blackjack, crossbow, dagger, dart, kopesh, scythe, sickle, sling, and staff.

Alignment: All tieflings are Chaotic. Additionally, when establishing a patron bond with the entity that the tiefling is descended from, the tiefling gains a +1d6 bonus to the spell check once per week.

Bargain: Tieflings are consummate negotiators whether that is by barter (exchange of goods) or
simply haggling on a price to lower (or increase if selling) it. With a successful Personality check, at 1st level they can reduce the price of standard equipment and weapons from the list by 3/4 of the listed price. At 3rd level, a tiefling can reduce the price up to 2/3rds, and at 5th level, the tiefling can arrange for goods and services at half price.

Infernal: tieflings instinctively speak infernal in addition to whatever languages they’ve picked up. Any party containing a tiefling gains a +2 bonus to rolls on the Monster Reaction Table when dealing with devils, devil worshipers, or other tieflings.

Infravision: A tiefling can see in the dark up to 60’.

Tiefling Skills: Tieflings gain the following skills at first level, and each improves 5% at each additional level. Climb sheer surfaces 15%, Disable Trap 40%, Disguise Self 15%, Find Trap 25%, Forge Document 25%, Read Language 5%, Handle Poison 45%, Hide in Shadows 50%, Pick Lock 20%, Pick Pocket 15%, and Sneak Silently 40%.

Thieves Cant: Tieflings tend to pick up thieves cant, and can choose to do so when they reach level 2 at the cost of losing out 5% of one skill.


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