Rogue Modron

Modrons are clockwork contraptions native to the plane of Mechanus. Their head and body is composed of a cube-like box, to which are attached spindly arms and legs. Ordinarily they are utterly focused on law, stability, conformity and obedience, but very occasionally something goes awry in the highly ordered mind of one of their number. Such an unfortunate is immediately cast out from Mechanus and left to wander the universe. It then becomes known as a Rogue Modron.

Rogue Modrons are still, by comparison to other races, obsessed with rules. Indeed, it is difficult for most non-Modrons to notice a difference between a Rogue and an ordinary example of the race. If there is anything which separates Rogues, it is a certain curiosity about the universe. Once they have left Mechanus their minds seem to open up slightly to the possibility of other ways of being, about which they have hitherto had no interest.

Rogue Modrons do not believe in luck or emotion. They are robotically focused on whatever course of action they wish to pursue, and almost impossible to dissuade once their minds are made up. They try to rationalize everything they come across in terms of strict logical arguments, and cannot understand anything that cannot be explained in such terms. They appreciate magic, however, but they cannot pursue it.

Hit Points: A rogue modron receives 1d8 hit points per level.

Weapon Training: A rogue modron is automatically trained in the use of all crossbows and repeating crossbows. A rogue modron receives a bonus to hit with crossbows equal to the modron’s level.

Aimed Shot: If the Rogue Modron aims at his target for two combat rounds and doesn’t move or do anything else in that time and then shoots at and successfully hits its target, it can double the damage caused. This is before modifiers are added. It must take the shot at the end of the three rounds or lose concentration.

Armor and Modron Toughness: Rogue Modrons have a natural Armour Class of 14 due to the hard outer casing of their box-like body. However, they cannot wear the ordinary armor which other races make. Instead they must either have specialist armor fitted, or discover a suit of (incredibly rare) Mechanus-made Modron-armor. Modron armor improves Armour Class to 18, but costs at least 200 gold pieces if it can be found at all.

Modron Minds: Modron minds are difficult to fool. Rogue Modrons have a 30% chance of resisting spells which rely on mind-alteration, such as sleep, charm person, or those which cause illusion. They are also excellent at cataloging and analyzing physical reality, and have a 1 in 3 chance of spotting secret or hidden doors. However, Modrons also suffer difficulties when reacting to sudden changes. When they are surprised, they remain that way for two rounds instead of the usual one. Modrons also find it hard to communicate with others, and any party containing a Rogue Modron must take a -1 penalty to rolls on the Monster Reaction Table.

Unlucky: A Rogue Modron has difficulty spending luck, and must make a Will save against a DC 10 to spend any at all.

Rogue Modron

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