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Players are going to assume the roles of street kids who live in and around the neighborhood of Suicide Ally in the poor ward of the city known as the Hive. These kids have grown up on the street, they are likely orphans between the ages of eight and twelve.

Roll 3d6 for each ability score (Agility, Intelligence, Luck, Personality,
Stamina, Strength), in order, and record them on your character sheet.

Strength: Physical power for lifting, hurling, cutting, and dragging. Your Strength modifier affects melee attack and damage rolls. Note that a successful attack always does a minimum of 1 point of damage regardless of Strength. Characters with a Strength of 5 or less can carry a weapon or shield but not both.

Agility: Balance, grace, and fine motion skills, whether in the hands or the feet. Your Agility modifier affects Armor Class, missile fire attack rolls, and Reflex saving throws, as well as the ability to fight with a weapon in each hand.

Stamina: Endurance, resistance to pain, disease, and poison. Your Stamina modifier affects hit points and Fortitude saving throws. Note that a character earns a minimum of 1 hit point per character level regardless of Stamina. Characters with a Stamina of 5 or less automatically take double damage from all poisons and diseases.

Personality: Charm, strength of will, persuasive talent.
Personality affects Willpower saving throws for all characters. Personality is vitally important to clerics, as it affects the ability to draw upon divine power and determines the maximum spell level they can cast, as shown on table 1-1.

Intelligence: Ability to discern information, retain knowledge, and assess complex situations. Intelligence affects known languages for all characters, as described in Appendix L. For wizards, Intelligence affects spell count, as noted on table 1-1. Intelligence is vitally important to wizards, as it determines the maximum spell level they can cast and influences their ability to learn new spells as they advance in level. Characters with an Intelligence of 7 or less can speak only Common, and those with an Intelligence of 5 or less cannot read or write.

Luck: “Right place, right time” – favor of the gods, good fortune, or hard-to-define talent. After rolling 3d6 to determine a player’s luck score, roll on table 1-2 to determine what rolls are affected by the character’s Luck modifier. This “lucky roll” is always modified
by the character’s Luck score (for good or bad) in addition to all other normal modifiers. In some cases the “lucky roll” is completely useless because the character chooses a class where it is not applicable.

The Luck score changes over the course of a character’s adventures and is linked to their alignment. Characters that act against their alignment may find themselves suddenly unlucky. Those who swear an oath to a patron of their newly desired alignment may find the change easier.

Characters can burn off Luck to survive life-or-death situations. Any character can permanently burn Luck to give a one-time bonus to a roll. For example, you could burn 6 points to get a +6 modifier on a roll, but your Luck score is now 6 points lower.

All 0-level characters start with the following:
• 1d4 hit points, modified by Stamina
• 5d12 copper pieces
• -100 XP
• One randomly determined piece of equipment
• One randomly determined occupation
Based on the occupation:
• Possession of and training in one weapon
• Possession of some trade goods
• A +0 modifier to attack rolls and all saving throws

As the character earns experience points, his XP total advances to 1. When his XP total reaches 1, he may choose a class: bariuar, cleric, rogue modron, thief, tiefling, warrior, or wizard.

If your character survives to 1st level, you can choose a class. Your free will is constrained by the fatalism of the dice; pick a class that suits your randomly determined strengths and weaknesses. The demi-human classes of bariuar, rogue modron, and tiefling may only be selected by characters whose 0-level occupation was of that race.

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