Bariaur are a hybrid of man and animal; their torso and arms are those of a human but the body is that of a large goat. The head is a mixture – the face human but horned like a ram in males and like a nanny goat in females.

Bariaur are generally lighthearted and are often considered shallow; they care for nothing much besides travel, drink, sex, and looking good. Incorrigible peacocks, their favorite pastime is decorating their horns, fur and clothing with elaborate, colorful schemes.

Bariaur are very strong fighters, but not intellectually oriented. They have no talent for magic. They have surprising dexterity for their ungainly-looking appearance, but still face difficulties in enclosed environments like dungeons.

Hit Points: A bariaur gains 1d8 hit points at each level.

Weapon Training: A bariaur is trained in the used of these weapons: battleaxe, club, dagger, handaxe, javelin, jovar, longsword, mace, polearm, shortbow, shortsword, sling, spear, staff, two-handed sword, and war hammer. Bariaurs wear whatever armor they can afford.

Movement: Bariaur move much more quickly than members of other races. Their movement rate is 180’ (60’).

Charge Attack: A Bariaur can forgo the chance to make an ordinary attack and instead declare a charge. This allows him to move up to his running speed and make an attack with his horns. The charge attack does 1d8 damage, plus Strength bonus. However, on a successful hit the Bariaur must also make a Fortitude saving throw or lose 1d4 hit points himself.

Climbing: Bariaur are agile for their size, but climbing trees and sheer walls is generally impossible for them unless they have assistance of some kind.

Mighty Deed of Arms: Bariaur have a militant heritage that glorifies martial prowess. Like warriors, they can perform Mighty Deeds of Arms in combat. See the warrior entry for a complete description.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities: Bariaur prefer the outdoors and gain a +2 bonus to their attack rolls under an open sky; conversely, they suffer a -1 penalty to their attack rolls indoors.

Party Goer: Bariaur cannot resist a bit of drinking, wenching, gambling and generally enjoying
themselves when they are in the city. This is a double edged sword, because sometimes when they should be doing something else, the pull of the tavern is far too much for them. Have them make a Wisdom check when they go within sight of a tavern with a penalty of -1 for every day they have been without a drink. The good news is that they have a +2 tolerance to alcohol. They are also excellent tavern brawlers, gaining +2 to attack rolls during tavern brawls, where only fists, daggers, horns and improvised weapons are being used.

  1. Level, Attack Bonus +0, Crit Die d8/II, Reflex +1, Fortitude +0, Will +0
  2. Level, Attack Bonus +1, Crit Die d10/III, Reflex +1, Fortitude +1, Will +0
  3. Level, Attack Bonus +2, Crit Die d12/III, Reflex +2, Fortitude +1, Will +1
  4. Level, Attack Bonus +3, Crit Die d14/IV, Reflex +2, Fortitude +2, Will +1
  5. Level, Attack Bonus +4, Crit Die d16/IV, Reflex +3, Fortitude +2, Will +2


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